Miss Indiana's 'Normal' Body Is Nowhere Near 'Normal'

On Sunday night, the utterly meaningless Miss USA pageant aired, and a soon-to-be-forgotten woman from Nevada won the title. But America's fickle fascination has been, for several successive minutes, fixated on a woman who didn't come close to making the final cut: Miss Indiana, a woman who audiences were relieved to… »6/11/14 6:45pm6/11/14 6:45pm

A Message From the Chairwoman of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee

I peaked, size wise, at the age of 10, when I bought my first training bra — that, with a bit of a tug across the torso, could certainly fit my bust line today. Vacillating between the funny gray area of a size 32AA and 32A (depending on the time of the month), as an adult woman my breasts hardly heave, but rather… »3/17/14 7:00pm3/17/14 7:00pm

Even if Fashion Is an 'Illusion,' it Still Has to Face Reality

British Vogue has launched a new initiative meant to educate schoolchildren about the perils of comparing oneself to the images in fashion magazines. According to the magazine's Editor-in-Chief Alexandra Shulman, "The problem, if there is a problem, comes when people judge themselves and their appearance against the… »9/06/13 3:30pm9/06/13 3:30pm

Underbutt: Our Best Weapon Against the Bullshit Mythology of Cellulite

Thanks to the ubiquitous cheeky shorts trend, these days, you can't angrily chuck an iPhone without hitting some teen in the exposed buttcheeks. Some naysayers might say that this is Bad because won't somebody think of the intact hymens? or that it's Harmful because what about those of us with buttcheeks we don't… »9/04/13 6:15pm9/04/13 6:15pm

If You Must Think About Your Weight, Here Are 10 Things to Think

Another day, another opportunity to think about how much space you, as a woman, take up. That's how it feels when you can't throw a fat-burning supplement without hitting a visual about the losing of the weight or the gaining of the weight, and who gained what, how they look, how they lost it, and how you can, too.… »5/21/13 11:50am5/21/13 11:50am

Doctors Aren't Mean to Fat Patients, They're Just Nicer to Thin Ones

As a fat person, I've never been treated like complete shit at the doctor, although I've certainly gone in for a sore throat and been told to go on a diet (ugh, why wouldn't I stop eating so many strep-laced Ding Dongs!?). But I have had some uncomfortable experiences, and I know plenty of fat people who have had… »5/02/13 11:20am5/02/13 11:20am

The Concept of a 'Bikini Body' Is Infuriating Bullshit

It's that time of the year again (in the Northern Hemisphere at least). It's the time when everyone begins to realize that the sleet and the snow are going to end and people will actually want to wear swimsuits. In tandem, it seems like every site on the internet (or sign on the street) is telling you the right way to… »4/04/13 5:00pm4/04/13 5:00pm

Don't Call People Fat in Front of Your Kids Unless You Really Want to Screw Them Up

I took my niece to Target yesterday to cruise the Liz Lange Maternity section (I'm not pregnant; I just dress like I am!) and purchase some Frank's Red Hot. After emptying half the store into my cart, we headed to the checkout line to wait patiently/witness some very disturbing shit. In front of us was a woman with… »3/29/13 3:20pm3/29/13 3:20pm

In a Room Full of Naked Koreans, Margaret Cho's Body Is an Unwelcome Sight

This is a really beautiful Korean spa in Los Angeles called Aroma Spa & Sports. Korean spas are wonderful, and they hold a special place in my heart. I have been going to the jimjilbang since I was a little girl in Korea. You can have a bath and a scrub and a sauna and usually a meal and other spa treatments if you… »3/25/13 2:55pm3/25/13 2:55pm

Why Don't Women Say 'I'm Pretty?' Here Are Ten Reasons.

If you are alive and female, you are all too aware of your own prettiness factor. And how could you not be? We spend our lives being told exactly where we rank by one person or another, not to mention offered an ideal example constantly, and sometimes (if you've ever walked through a shopping district) at literally… »2/19/13 5:40pm2/19/13 5:40pm

All the Flatulent Ladies: Farts Are the Great Equalizers

I will never forget 7th grade gym class, and the two girls whose names I will not use, who spent most of the beginning of every class period showing us all how to queef. The bell would ring, and before the teacher even left her office, they would roll onto their backs like breakdancers, pull their legs up to their… »2/16/13 10:55am2/16/13 10:55am

‘Every Single Woman in America Is Now Curvy’ — and That’s a Good Thing

There's a smart, funny read on The Cut right now that gives the overuse of the word "curvy" as a descriptor for All Types of Women a good talking-to. Lauren Bans takes on the fashion and entertainment media's exhaustive use of the term in all situations involving females, citing loads of examples, and shows how, when… »12/12/12 4:30pm12/12/12 4:30pm

Why Do Women Who Test-Drive Big Breasts Decide to Go Even Bigger?

Plastic surgeons in Britain have stumbled upon an amazing sales tool — a bra that allows women considering breast augmentation to take their theoretical new rack out for a test drive before they go under the knife. It's like dating your own boobs! But instead of nudging women away from the giant rack they think they… »9/17/12 11:45am9/17/12 11:45am

Can Plus-Size Male Models and Nude Photo Shoots Help Men's Body Image?

It's only June, but 2012 is shaping up as the year that we woke up to the male body image crisis. Of course, we've been hearing for a while that an increasing number of men are suffering from body image problems, a problem exacerbated by men's fitness magazines that feature perfectly chiseled shirtless male models on… »6/07/12 2:05pm6/07/12 2:05pm

Blame Facebook Photo Tagging for Your Weird Body Issues

A new survey examining the link between Facebook and body image has concluded what you probably already know — obsessively combing the pages of the social networking site can not only lead to an unhealthy fixation on how your ex boyfriend's new girlfriend seems painfully uncool, but also wreak havoc on your body… »4/02/12 7:00pm4/02/12 7:00pm

Mom Puts 7-Year-Old on a Diet in the Worst Vogue Article Ever

The socialites who write personal essays for Vogue aren't known for their kindness and humility, but Dara-Lynn Weiss, who opened up about putting her 7-year-old daughter on a Weight Watchers-style diet in Vogue's April issue, has to go down in history as the one of the most fucked up, selfish women to ever grace the… »3/22/12 3:10pm3/22/12 3:10pm