You Must Read This Passionate Manifesto on Women's Butt Hair

I keep saying I'm done writing or reading or thinking about the politics of body hair. I don't think the conversation should be retired — it still has merit in a feminist academic sense, and it certainly takes a financial and emotional toll on a lot of women (a burden that is not equally applied to men). But I just… »2/12/14 4:15pm2/12/14 4:15pm

All The Cool Kids Are Getting Mustache Implants

A mustache is a man's best friend, at least according to the ironic novelty holiday gift table at Urban Outfitters that's always surrounded by giggling unsupervised tweens and mothers who don't know what to buy their adolescents for Christmas. While in the US the 'stache currently appeals to hipsters and Ron Swanson… »11/29/12 11:40am11/29/12 11:40am