Stop Confusing Gender Dysphoria With Body Dysmorphia Already

Conflation of gender dysphoria and body dysmorphia seems hard to imagine to those who are very well aware of both of these terms. However, it seems to be a fairly common point of confusion in articles about transgender individuals and extremely prevalent in the comments sections of other transgender related articles. »8/09/14 1:32pm8/09/14 1:32pm


British Government Backs a Guide Teaching Parents How to Talk to Their Kids About Body Image

Meanwhile, in the land of our former colonial overlords, the British government has thrown its support behind a guide aimed at helping parents teach their children to be confident and comfortable with their bodies. The guide explains that the so-called perfect body — a hyper-toned, hyper-sexualized fiction — is a… »6/22/12 10:25am6/22/12 10:25am

Dear Lisa Simpson: We Feel You On The Body Dysmorphia Thing

This clip is from a Simpsons episode that originally aired in 2004 as part of the series' 16th season, but we caught a recent rerun of it and it struck us that it might just be one of the best Simpsons episodes ever. It's the one where Marge takes Nelson under her wing, but what's even better is the subplot in which… »1/02/08 7:00pm1/02/08 7:00pm