OMFG Teach Your Kids Accurate Names for Body Parts Already

Generally speaking, girls have vaginas. Boys have penises. I did not think this was a groundbreaking thing to teach a 4-year-old (even at 2), but it is according to her teacher, who informed me my kid was telling other kids that babies come out of vaginas. First, I was so proud. Then I realized she was asking me to… »9/24/14 12:20pm9/24/14 12:20pm

Depressing Study: Men Look More At Your Body Than Your Face

"I'm not a boob man or a butt man or a leg man, I'm a face man," say LIARS. According to new research, no matter what a woman's build, men spend more time looking at women's bodies than they do their faces, which means that we can stop with this "anti aging" bullshit and just let our mugs turn into the face of the… »10/29/13 1:00pm10/29/13 1:00pm

We're Living in the Era of Body-Positive Wolf-Crying Run Amok

On the Emmy Awards red carpet on Sunday night, Lena Dunham wore a teal floral-print Prada gown and Claire Danes showed up in Armani. One's sartorial choice was panned, the other's lauded. Challenge: write about either woman's appearance without inducing knee jerk accusations of bodysnarking/thin shaming. YOU CAN'T DO… »9/25/13 2:20pm9/25/13 2:20pm

Your Next Boyfriend: The Guy Who Gets Turned On By Farts

Conventional wisdom (or, as the Internet Kids call it, Rule 34) suggests that for everything innocent and nonsexual that exists, there is a porn version of that thing. Everything. The Flintstones, Teletubbies, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. Everything. I'd like to suggest a corollary to that rule: everything that exists… »7/30/13 5:30pm7/30/13 5:30pm

Here's What Barbie Would Look Like if She Had Average Measurements

Artist Nickolay Lamm — he of the future fish faced humas and fresh-faced, scary-ass Barbie — got the measurements of an average 19-year-old from the CDC (Center for Disease Control & Prevention) and then made a 3D model and used photoshop to shape her into Barbie's blond as hell image. The result? Skipper on steroids »7/03/13 10:00am7/03/13 10:00am

What's Your Body Type: Cocktail Ring Or Lipstick?

Have you ever wondered piece of which chick lit clip art best describes your body? Today's Today featured a segment with "world-renowned style expert" Jacqui Stafford, who has come up with a set of new body type descriptors—and rules for how to dress them to make them less hideous—that are very girlie and… »2/05/13 10:30am2/05/13 10:30am

Pretty Cool: Seeing Body Diversity Makes Us More Comfortable With Diverse Bodies

You know how all day, every day we're inundated with images of women with similar body types (thin) and told, "THIS IS PERFECT BE THIS SIZE OR DIE OF A FAT FAT ATTACK." Or, you know, just be thin so clothes will fit right, other people will find you suitable for fucking, and you won't die alone with your rotting… »11/11/12 8:30pm11/11/12 8:30pm

Photo of Woman in Underwear is an Open Invitation for the Entire Internet to Judge

Student and blogger Stella Boonshoft experienced an Internet-sized outpouring of love when photographer Brandon Staunton posted a bra-and-panty-clad photo of her on his popular Humans of New York Facebook page. Unfortunately, with the good, comes the ugly, and because she's a woman, there were plenty of comments… »10/23/12 10:00am10/23/12 10:00am

The Olympics Showcase Diverse Body Types, Body Snarking

For two weeks, the Olympics present the viewing public with a diverse range female body types, many of which will remain unrepresented in future advertising campaigns. Women who compete in the games, argues Time's Sonia Van Gilder Cooke, provide a counterbalance to all those glossy, airbrushed photos of magazine cover… »8/12/12 2:00pm8/12/12 2:00pm

Jillian Camarena-Williams Is a Shot Putting Scientist with a License to Be Really, Really Strong

Perhaps the best female American shot putter didn't qualify for the Olympic finals, and that's a shame because not only does she hold the American indoor and outdoor records (65 feet, 3.75 inches and 66 feet, 2.5 inches, respectively), she wrote her master's thesis on the physics of shot putting, which means that she… »8/06/12 11:55pm8/06/12 11:55pm