Watch Dr. Phil's Horrifying Interview With Bobbi Kristina's Boyfriend

Nick Gordon, who's been described as Bobbi Kristina's boyfriend, sat down with Dr. Phil for a disturbing interview that aired Wednesday during which he appeared inebriated and broken down while trying to talk through his depression. » 3/11/15 5:10pm 3/11/15 5:10pm

The Era of RihCaprio is Here: Leo Threw Rihanna a Birthday Party 

I bet you've been wondering what's been going on with RihCaprio, the world's most surreal and unfortunately named celebrity couple. According to Us Weekly, Leo DiCaprio helped throw Rihanna a birthday party on Friday night. The singer turned 27 on Friday. » 2/22/15 10:35am 2/22/15 10:35am

Bobbi Kristina Brown's boyfriend, Nick Gordon, fired off these…

Family May Let Bobbi Kristina Die on Anniversary of Whitney's Death

On February 11, 2012, Whitney Houston was found in a bathtub and three years later, her daughter was found in a similar situation. Now Bobbi Kristina's family may take Whitney's daughter off of life support on the anniversary of Whitney's death. » 2/10/15 11:00am 2/10/15 11:00am

Taylor Swift Dances to Taylor Swift Music at Taylor Swift Exhibit

The Grammy Museum (yes, there's a Grammy museum) in L.A. just opened an exhibit called The Taylor Swift Experience and who should stop by but the subject herself. Ms Taylor Swift. » 2/06/15 10:30am 2/06/15 10:30am

The Tough, Tumultuous Life of Bobbi Kristina: A Timeline

Bobbi Kristina Houston Brown, daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, has been the pride and joy of the entertainment industry since the day she was born. The phrase 'growing up in the limelight' is an understatement for a kid with superstar parents best known for their star power and struggles with substance… » 2/04/15 12:10pm 2/04/15 12:10pm

Bobbi Kristina's Condition Is Significantly Improving

Bobbi Kristina Brown, who has been in a medically-induced coma since being found submerged and unresponsive in a bathtub on Saturday morning, is, according to TMZ, "doing significantly better." » 2/02/15 4:45pm 2/02/15 4:45pm

Report: Bobbi Kristina's Brain Function 'Significantly Diminished'

After the 21-year-old daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown was found unresponsive in her bathtub Saturday, TMZ is now reporting that Brown's brain function is "significantly diminished." TMZ adds that "doctors have told her family it does not look good." Brown remains in a medically-induced coma according to » 2/01/15 5:30pm 2/01/15 5:30pm

The Whitney Biopic Totally Glossed Over Her Drug Abuse

The anticipation for Lifetime biopics has become more about expecting the worst, and by those measures the Whitney movie wasn't so bad. The most important question about it, though, is whether they got her story relatively right. » 1/19/15 11:30am 1/19/15 11:30am

Lifetime's Whitney Biopic Trailer Looks Really Good

Lifetime released a new trailer for their forthcoming Whitney Houston biopic and it doesn't look bad. In fact, it looks good! Miracles can happen, folks; it's Christmas time. » 12/04/14 9:15pm 12/04/14 9:15pm

Whitney Houston Biopic Casts Bobby Brown Actor And It's ... Something

As Frank Ocean so eloquently crooned, we all try and that is what Lifetime is doing with their latest casting in the forthcoming Whitney Houston made-for-TV biopic. Last week, Yaya DaCosta was announced as the lead actress who will play Houston herself. » 7/15/14 2:15pm 7/15/14 2:15pm

Jennifer Aniston and Her Huge, Huge Engagement Ring Are Planning Their…

The noted tabloid duality of Jennifer Aniston—beautiful, charismatic millionaire actress or SAD CRONE FISHWIFE FROM THE LAND OF THE UNLOVED WOMEN?!!!—finally comes to an end soon because she's planning her wedding to Justin Theroux. Yes, folks, the dude who was on one episode of Sex and The City as a premature… » 2/27/13 9:00am 2/27/13 9:00am

Lindsay Lohan's Publicist Is Finally Like, 'Uuuuugh, I'm Done with You…

Not a direct quote, but I think the sentiment is pretty clear. Following Michael Lohan's ill-fated intervention/publicity-grab last week, Lindsay Lohan's publicist Steve Honig has quit. Honig says it has nothing to do with Lindsay and everything to do with Michael—who called him a "fucking liar" after Honig refused to… » 10/25/12 8:40pm 10/25/12 8:40pm

Jessica Simpson's Baptist Dad Allegedly Has a 20-Year-Old Boyfriend

As is the case with many a dad/manager, I could have told you something was going on with former youth pastor and Baptist minister Joe Simpson. All those icky comments about daughter Jessica's breasts? That DUI he got in Sherman Oaks in August? His divorce from Tina, his wife of 34 years, late last month? Supposedly,… » 10/24/12 9:00am 10/24/12 9:00am

Nicki Minaj Is Voting For Mitt Romney Because Everything She Raps Is…

A Nicki Minaj verse on Lil Wayne's new mixtape Dedication 4 is whipping all the blogs up into an unnecessary frenzy about her political predilections this morning: » 9/04/12 9:00am 9/04/12 9:00am

star and his incredibly piercing eyes wedded his longtime girlfriend in Los Angeles this weekend. They met before he got into acting and was a…

Kristen Stewart Won't Be In the Snow White Sequel That Is Happening…

Kristen Stewart has been dropped from the Snow White and the Huntsman sequel after Rupert Sanders' wife Liberty Ross made it clear that Sanders would not be working with her again if he had any interest in Gorilla Gluing the shattered Chia pet of their marriage back together. » 8/15/12 9:00am 8/15/12 9:00am

Whitney Houston's Death Left Her Family Broke Enough to Turn to Reality…

While the untimely death of Whitney Houston was tragic, it was also problematic because she wasn't just a person, she was a business. Those who were in her employ and family members she financially supported in life are now looking to cash in on her death. But considering the mess of an estate she left behind—she was… » 6/07/12 4:30pm 6/07/12 4:30pm

Bobby Brown Vows that Daughter Bobbi Kristina Will Never Escape His…

World's Yuckiest Blowhard Bobby Brown responded to rumors that daughter Bobbi Kristina plans to change her last name to distance herself from him: "She can't change her last name, her name is her name. She'll forever be known as Bobbi Kristina Brown. There's no changing that, there's no taking that back." Bobby Brown… » 5/29/12 8:55pm 5/29/12 8:55pm

Maggie Gyllenhaal Gives Birth to Brooklyn's Newest Celebrity Baby

This month is drawing to a close, and yet another celebrity has given birth before Jessica Simpson. This time it's Maggie Gyllenhaal who, along with hubby Peter Sarsgaard, has welcomed a brand new baby girl. She was born on April 19th, but they've only just gotten around to telling the world. » 4/30/12 8:00pm 4/30/12 8:00pm

Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley Get a Surprise Visit From the Celebrity…

Lately it seems like not a day goes by without a famous person having a baby, and today's celebrity offspring news came as a total surprise: Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley have adopted another baby, y'all! So what do we know about this new bundle of joy? Not much so far. The baby is reportedly a girl, and her… » 4/25/12 8:00pm 4/25/12 8:00pm