Watch Rachel Maddow Say 'Vaginal' Over and Over and Over Again

During the ten day period when Rachel Maddow was covering the Virginia bill that would have required women seeking abortions to have mandatory transvaginal ultrasounds, she had to say "vaginal" and variations thereof quite a bit. Fortunately, the Daily Caller has collected all 58 instances of her use of the word into… » 2/27/12 10:50am 2/27/12 10:50am

Virginia House Passes, But Governor Rejects Mandatory Ultrasound…

Virginia's state government has angered vaginas and doctors alike with a proposal that would have required many women seeking abortions to undergo a mandatory vaginal ultrasound before undergoing the procedure. The Senate passed it, and today the General Assembly passed it with the provision that vaginal ultrasounds… » 2/22/12 4:14pm 2/22/12 4:14pm