Awesome Six-Year-Old Girl Writes to Hasbro About Gender Inequality in Guess Who

Good news, everyone: there's a new young lady hero to add to our "under ten years old and killing it" list. Honestly, what is with these little dynamos — they're starting to make me feel pretty bad. I didn't even regularly brush my hair until I was fifteen years old and these girls are ruling the world. Seriously,… »11/19/12 10:00am11/19/12 10:00am

Monopoly and Hungry Hungry Hippos Movies in the Works Because Hollywood Is out of Ideas

Back in 2008, Hasbro made a deal with Universal pictures, and subsequently, we were subjected to flicks like Transformers and Battleship. The Universal deal fell apart but Hasbro just won't give up, and two more boardgame movies are in the works at production company Emmett/Furla: Monopoly and Hungry Hungry Hippos.… »10/08/12 6:00pm10/08/12 6:00pm