Voters Who Are Neither Moms Nor Waitresses Now Being Referred to as 'Waitress Moms'

While I'm legally obligated to mention in every post about the upcoming election that it will be very close and polls are saying all kinds of things that should keep people of all political stripes glued to cable news outlets during this, the political media's quadrennial Christmas shopping season, there's something… »10/25/12 3:00pm10/25/12 3:00pm


Marie Claire's "Factory Girls" Shoot: An Assembly Line Of '90s-Era Recockulousness

Grunge is back, you guys. For real. And in the pages of the August issue of Marie Claire, the editors try to make it seem cool by setting a plaid-centric photo shoot in some kind of factory. Perplexed as to how $395 overalls and a $2,000 Chanel skirt are working-class? Put on some Pearl Jam and check out the manual… »7/15/08 2:00pm7/15/08 2:00pm