Blue the Dog Wants to Roam Free From the Long-Arm of the Law

The New Mexican town of Elephant Butte has a resident Australian cattle dog named Blue that roams around, presumably asking for a) belly scratches and b) food. What Blue hasn't asked for is to be tethered to a leash, i.e. society, but Blue's bondage was the most recent point of contention in Elephant Butte's City… »6/17/12 6:10pm6/17/12 6:10pm


Charlize Theron Says She's Not a Single Mom Because Her Two Dogs Are Helping to Raise Her Son

Charlize Theron may not have a human partner to help her care for her baby son, Jackson, but she says she doesn't consider herself a single mom because she gets plenty of help from her two dogs, Berkley and Blue. Her canine companions immediately fell for Jackson, whom she adopted when he was just nine days old, and… »5/24/12 8:00pm5/24/12 8:00pm