Fat Substance Abuser Rush Limbaugh Calls Lesbians Fat Substance Abusers

Third Rate Sad Wang Rush Limbaugh took it to the next bullshit level when he spoke some truly insane nonsense about lesbians and alcohol and fatness and yeah. Actually, it sounds like he's explaining a personal fantasy of his, but nope — it's just some good old-fashioned hate-mongering from King Bigot. »3/27/13 10:00am3/27/13 10:00am


Phyllis Schlafly Is Still A Cranky Asshole Who Doesn't Get It

The conservative activist and infamous opponent of the ERA was recently interviewed in a piece for HuffPo about a claim she makes in her new book (The Flipside of Feminism: What Conservative Women Know—and Men Can't Say): "Feminists love divorce." According to Schlafly, feminists "wanted to be independent of men and… »2/23/11 12:20pm2/23/11 12:20pm