The New Hot Hairdo: Just Letting It Be

In today's New York Times, Ruth La Ferla contemplates the Afro; in today's WWD, Sarah Ballentine describes breaking her addiction to weekly blowouts. Apparently, natural is in. » 10/03/13 5:00pm 10/03/13 5:00pm

Formaldehyde Officially On Carcinogen List, Brazilian Blowouts…

On June 10, the US government issued a report on carcinogens, and formaldehyde was officially added to the list. For the most part, formaldehyde is used as embalming fluid used in the funeral industry, and CNN reports, "it is also a large component of the 'new car smell' — composed of fumes emanating from carpets,… » 6/16/11 1:00pm 6/16/11 1:00pm

Blowing Out Hair At Home Really... Blows

Apparently, the economy has led to an upswing in "blow-drying seminars" at upscale salons. To those of us who can't handle a round brush, it'll take more than that. » 3/05/09 2:30pm 3/05/09 2:30pm

Being Anna Wintour Is Harder Than It Looks

Guardian writer Jess Cartner-Morley tried to re-create Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour's morning routine: 5:45 am tennis, 6:45 am blow-out, at the office by 9 am. Anna makes it look easy, but as Cartner-Morley soon found, perfection is elusive. Cartner-Morley first assessed her hair: "[Wintour has] a power bob, an… » 11/12/07 3:00pm 11/12/07 3:00pm