This Diamond Hashtag Ring Can Be Yours for Less Than a Grand

Are you looking for creative ways to blow damn near a thousand bucks AND simultaneously proclaim your love of all things social media? Run and go get your credit card, because your search is over. » 11/18/14 10:30am 11/18/14 10:30am

1970s Bloomingdales Was a 'Sexual Meeting Ground'

Here's a delightful 1970s news story on Bloomies being the hottest pick-up spot in town. At all hours you could catch young people cruising — in the sports section, mens department, and at the cheese counter over a wedge of brie. Once matches were made, the hipster couples of the UES would sport Famous Amos T-shirts… » 3/26/13 12:30pm 3/26/13 12:30pm

Mysterious Creature Takes Nice, Clean Bite Out of Bloomingdale's Model

Sarah's first catalog shoot was going so well, until one of the fabled invisible land sharks appeared on set and took a giant bit out of her left side. Yes, it hurt, but, ever the professional, she vowed to go on modeling until they got the shot they needed. » 4/05/12 10:00am 4/05/12 10:00am

Bloomingdale’s Model Has Her Pelvis Digitally Removed And Is Somehow…

The description for this Max & Cleo Turtleneck Sweater Dress on sale at Bloomingdale's says it "boasts a waist-cinching belt for the most flattering fit." But, eek! Something a bit more severe than "cinching" seems to have occurred here. » 12/18/11 2:05pm 12/18/11 2:05pm

The Best Of The Year's Worst Photoshops

There were literally dozens of oddly digitally altered models and celebrities this year, with a swipe of the mouse resulting in wonky elbows, whittled waists, new hands and unnaturally lightened skin. Here we have the very worst. » 12/24/10 2:08pm 12/24/10 2:08pm

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House Of Style To Return, Gisele Never To Go Away

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Bloomie's After Dark: Kind Of Like Bloomie's During The Day Plus Booze…

Kids! As I may have mentioned, I am somewhat disillusioned » 9/09/08 2:00pm 9/09/08 2:00pm by fashion week parties. But last night, out of pure love, I attended the opening party for AmericanPHOTO's "first ever fashion issue" and, more to the point, 's fashion photos, "Moon Warriors." The party (co-hosted by ) was at Bloomingdale's SoHo (which was…