Blonde Hair Exists Because Cavemen Were Transfixed by Shiny Things

In science's relentless effort to prove that we're all just extras in a sprawling Quest for Fire remake produced by aliens, anthropologists would like to remind us that men prefer women with blonde hair because blonde hair is rare and that's why cavemen liked blonde hair, which is how blonde hair became more of a thing … » 8/16/12 1:40pm 8/16/12 1:40pm

The Victoria's Secret Sexy List Is Chock-Full Of Skinny Blondes

Its reason and purpose is unclear, but Victoria's Secret has created a list. The 2012 What Is Sexy? List awards distinctions like Sexiest Summer Style, Sexiest Summer Glow, and Sexiest Tweeter. You know, the stuff legends are made of. It's silly, sure, but it's also very telling. The company, whose customer is… » 5/29/12 1:30pm 5/29/12 1:30pm

Survey Says Blondes Don't Have More Fun... On Second Dates

Sorry, blondes. First Archie picks Veronica, now this: The dating site surveyed 1,300 people and found that on a first date blondes were most likely to have sex, mention an ex, forget their date's name, and drink too much, supposedly decreasing their chances of another date. [The Telegraph] » 5/29/09 10:40am 5/29/09 10:40am

The Marrying Kind

Anita Loos knew her stuff. Her two big novels? Gentlemen Prefer Blondes » 10/31/08 10:40am 10/31/08 10:40am and have apparently been found true. Sure enough, while men might want to date , reports that 52% would rather marry a dark-haired woman because they're more "dependable and sensible." Only 18% think blondes would make "good wives" because,…