Are You A Woman? Take This Douchebag's Quiz And Find Out!

This week, the former student body President at the University of Texas named Thor published a blog post entitled "What I've Learned About Women." People mocked the shit out of it, because it reads like Bret Easton Ellis freebased Pixie Stix until he forgot how to speak English and then re-taught himself using 5… »8/16/13 1:40pm8/16/13 1:40pm

The Elite Daily's Misogynistic Screeds Are Probably the Worst Things You'll Read All Day

It's not going to come as any great, paradigm-shifting shock that there exists on the Internet a balmy little swamp blog that unapologetic misogynists can crawl into for a nice muck bath while they compose their latest "How to be the quintessential Cassanova" manifesto, or reveal the mysterious, alchemical formula for… »3/20/13 7:00pm3/20/13 7:00pm

Faith Website Blocks Writer From Using That Icky Word 'Feminism'

Early in January, Minnesota playwright, Presbyterian pastor and feminist Kristine Holmgren was asked to create a website for multi faith blogging network Beliefnet. "I'm negotiating 'terms' now," she announced excitedly on Facebook. Unfortunately, the negotiations have since fallen apart after Holmgren and the… »2/08/13 4:20pm2/08/13 4:20pm

'Fuck! I'm In My 20s' Blogger Pretty Much Having Best Decade Ever

If you're in your 20s, know anyone who's in their 20s, have ever been in your 20s or peruse the internet regularly enough, you've probably come across "Fuck! I'm In My 20s," a Tumblr of drawings about confusing relationships, shitty jobs, and other Millennial issues. (Posts range from "Space Allocation Guidelines For… »7/26/12 10:30am7/26/12 10:30am

Internet Douchebag Would Like a Blowjob, a Steak & a Senate Seat

New York Republicans who would like to unseat Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand thought they'd found their knight in wire-rimmed armor in entrepreneur Marc Cenedella. He had the youth, the vigor, the tough talk... the bizarre blog that trafficked in sexism, drug references, and unfunny jokes about Omarosa's wearing a banana… »1/23/12 7:00pm1/23/12 7:00pm

Ke$ha's Tumblr Invites You To Put Your Beard In Her Mouth

If you happen to be surfing the web and stumble upon a blog called Put Your Beard In My Mouth — a site filled with photos of beards, bearded dudes, and Ke$ha putting said beards into her mouth — you should know that it's not some kind of crazy site made by a fan obsessed with beards and the pop singer. It's no… »12/09/11 3:50pm12/09/11 3:50pm

'The Fluffington Post' Is Your Latest Bookmark-Worthy Animal Blog

Do you like fluffy animals? Of course you do. (If you said no, consider me officially concerned about your heart of stone.) Let me direct your attention to The Fluffington Post, a Tumblr that seeks to show off the cutest, fluffiest, most squee-worthy animal photos around. A few of my personal favorites are above, but… »11/23/11 6:00pm11/23/11 6:00pm

Why Not Turn A Celebrity's Nose Into A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?

Ever wonder what your favorite celebrity's nose would look like if it were to dress up like a Ninja Turtle for Halloween? Welcome to Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses, a site completely filled with photos of famous people with TMNT noses drawn on them. This, as they say, is exactly why the internet was invented. »10/18/11 3:30pm10/18/11 3:30pm