Frozen Asks: Do You Wanna #%{* a Snow Man?

I'm assuming the actual lyrics are about building a snowman rather than creating an anatomically correct powdered ice sculpture for the sole purpose of rubbing one's tingly parts against. However, I haven't seen the movie (no one will reimburse me! Maybe I should set up a Kickstarter?) so maybe Disney has just given… » 1/25/14 12:30pm 1/25/14 12:30pm

Joan Rivers Gets Booted For Cursing On Air • Demand For "Older" Models Rises

Joan Rivers was kicked off the set of the U.K. show Loose Women after calling Russell Crowe some naughty names on live television (she was unaware the show was filmed live). • Demand for "older" (over 25) models has grown with companies seeking to appeal to baby boomers. • A woman hangs herself after a three-year… » 6/17/08 5:30pm 6/17/08 5:30pm