Don't Try Selling Photos of Ryan Reynolds's Baby Unless You Want Him to Defriend You

The birth of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s daughter James earlier this year caused the end of one of Reynolds’s oldest friendships. In an interview with GQ, the actor (whom the writer Zach Baron describes as having “been the next big thing more times than he can count”) shared the sad tale of a friendship that was… »9/21/15 4:10pm9/21/15 4:10pm

Why Are You Going to Be in a Woody Allen Movie, Kristen Stewart?

Guess what? Actresses are still accepting roles in Woody Allen movies. This time, it’s Kristen Stewart who will be seen in Allen’s next project. She’ll be joining a cast that includes Blake Lively, Parker Posey, Jeannie Berlin, Corey Stoll, Ken Stott, Bruce Willis and Jesse Eisenberg, Stewart’s co-star from 2009’s … »8/04/15 9:00pm8/04/15 9:00pm

Hillary Clinton is Selling Pantsuit Tees and 'Shattered Glass' Tumblers

Any political strategist will tell you the most important part of any presidential campaign is the lifestyle brand. A candidate isn’t truly running for the country’s highest elected office until their name is stitched, stuck, or printed all over their supporters’ bodies, homes, offices, and cars. With the launch of… »5/26/15 10:10am5/26/15 10:10am

Here's What Happens When Blake Lively Walks Into a Room

At the premiere party for her new film, the surprisingly earnest and satisfying romance Age of Adaline, guests roamed Manhattan’s Metropolitan Club quietly sipping champagne and brushing shoulders with famous people and not-famous people and people who looked like they could maybe be famous people. They did not, for… »4/20/15 6:40pm4/20/15 6:40pm