L.A. Times: Dennis Hastert Was Paying to Conceal His 'Sexual Misconduct'

When it was announced Thursday that former House speaker Dennis J. Hastert has been indicted on blackmail charges, nobody had any idea what the hell was going on. The plot has thickened rapidly: Hastert is accused of paying roughly $1.7 million in hush money since 2010, and the L.A. Times is reporting it was to cover… »5/29/15 4:10pm5/29/15 4:10pm


Star GOP Intern Is Arrested for Alleged Sexual Extortion Scheme

21-year-old Adam Savader clearly absorbed some of the GOP's good ol' family values while interning for erstwhile Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, his one-time running mate, Paul Ryan, and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich: the weasely up-and-comer was arrested yesterday in his Long Island home by FBI… »4/24/13 1:40pm4/24/13 1:40pm

This Asshole Is What Happens When Yelp Goes to Your Head

I have something embarrassing awesome to share. For a while, I was the most popular reviewer on Yelp. I wrote loving tributes to the restaurants I adored, and damning screeds about the vets who did my dogs wrong. It was a creative outlet at my otherwise soul-sucking job, a job I eventually stopped doing because Yelp… »1/23/13 12:10pm1/23/13 12:10pm

Blackmail Gone Wild: Joe Francis's Scary Brush With Crime, Before He Was A Criminal

About 4 years ago, Joe Francis was on the receiving end of a crime that involved his being videotaped in a sexually explicit manner without his consent (or signed release form). His house was broken into, and when Francis returned home, a masked man was waiting there for him. The man bound and gagged Francis, stole a… »5/19/08 7:00pm5/19/08 7:00pm

Immigration Official Makes Colombian Woman Do Oral For Green Card

Get a load of this guy. His name is Isaac Baichu, and he's an immigration official who told a 21-year-old Colombian woman last December that he would not get her a green card unless she gave him a blowjob. Oh, and some sex. She just had to do it with him "one or two times," he told her. "That's all. You get your green… »3/21/08 1:00pm3/21/08 1:00pm