We Need a New Word for Survivor 

I recently received a text from my dead brother’s girlfriend. I still think of Dana as Junior’s girlfriend even though it’s been 15 years since he was killed. We’re not close anymore, but her daughter, who was conceived the week before he died, is my niece; we remain connected through the trauma we shared.

If you haven’t already noticed, black women are sort of killing it this September. Kerry Washington, Ciara, Beyoncé and Serena Williams are all gracing the September issue covers of major magazines. The last time this happened was probably never.


Sisters at the Margin

Growing up in a predominantly white, middle-class neighborhood in Seattle I remember my mother warning my older brother not to be caught running after dark, and, if ever stopped by police, to do whatever they asked—no more and no less. Speak as little as possible, she'd say. Every suggestion was a weak attempt to…