Crackpot Religion May Have Had Something To Do With Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes' Split

In the case of Tom vs. Kat, who will gain custody of Suri Cruise and her closet full of teeny designer flats remains to be seen. However, might be important to note that the kid is 6 years old, the same age as son Connor was when Cruise split with Nicole Kidman, and both Kidman and Holmes are Catholic, suggesting that… » 6/30/12 12:00pm 6/30/12 12:00pm

This Is What Happens When Children Try To Re-Enact Black Swan

Last night's brand-new episode of Dance Moms reiterated the fact that the stars here are, in fact, the moms. (If they weren't, the show would be called, I don't know, Dance Kids?) So is it any surprise that when the girls won the National Talent Competition, the mothers made it all about themselves? » 9/29/11 4:55pm 9/29/11 4:55pm

Natalie Portman's Dance Double Gives Her First Interview

If you spent twenty-two years worth of blood, sweat, and tears enduring intense training to become a first-class ballerina, you might be a little irked to see a Hollywood starlet get all the credit. This morning, the woman who danced for Natalie Portman in Black Swan gave her first interview post-Oscar season to set… » 4/15/11 10:25am 4/15/11 10:25am

Why We Care About Natalie Portman's Dancing, Or Lack Thereof

First, Natalie Portman's dance double Sarah Lane complained about not getting enough credit for her work on Black Swan. Then Benjamin Millepied stepped up to defend Portman's dancing prowess. Then Fox Searchlight did. Now Darren Aronofsky has. All these defenses raise a question: why do we care how much Portman danced? » 3/29/11 6:26pm 3/29/11 6:26pm