Weird and Wild Christmas Jams to Delight and Frighten the Whole Family

The scenario: your stepfather won’t stop playing Mannheim Steamroller because it’s so festive but also “experimental” and “cool.” The solution: convince him to let you play these “alternative” Christmas jams by making him think you’re letting him in on a secret that will make him even “cooler.”


Here's What It's Like to Be Björk's Dentist

If you were, hypothetically, a celebrity dentist and if you were, hypothetically, about to work on the hallowed mouth of Icelandic art star Björk would you, hypothetically, get high on your own supply? Like just a touch of nitrous, beforehand? Of course that would be unethical, but check it: “Mouth Mantra” is Björk’s…

Musician Arca Banned Because Instagram Can't Handle Anatomical Vaginas

Arca, the experimental Venezuelan producer who’s worked with Kanye West, Björk, and FKA twigs, was permanently banned from Instagram yesterday for the artwork relating to a new single, “Vanity.” The art, created by frequent Arca and twigs collaborator Jesse Kanda, depicts a melting cyborg-looking person with a fairly…

Get Into Björk's New Heart-as-Vag Cover Art for Vulnicura

Björk's latest, Vulnicura, is an album documenting her divorce from artist Matthew Barney, and all the moderate peaks and cavernous valleys divorce entails. While it was not my favorite Björk work musically speaking, it was undeniably one of the most lyrically candid albums she's ever done, in a career that was…