This Letter From an 11-Year-Old Office Fan Is the Cutest Thing Ever

The Office may have ended last spring, but Olivia, an 11-year-old from Portland, Oregon, is just catching up on all of the episodes now. The little viewer recently gave B.J. Novak (who acted and wrote on the show) a very nicely organized list of all the lessons she learned from the series and the whole thing is pretty… »2/20/14 7:45pm2/20/14 7:45pm

Noted Word Thief Shia LaBeouf Storms Out of Berlin Press Conference

Shia LaBeouf, that dust devil of celebrity angst, swirled out of a press conference in Berlin for Lars von Trier's new sex movie Nymphomaniac after a reporter asked him a seemingly obvious question about doing a movie with so many sex scenes. LaBeouf, apparently nonplussed by the sex query, gave a characteristically… »2/09/14 11:30am2/09/14 11:30am

Mindy Kaling is French and Pretentious in B.J. Novak's Book Trailer

I always thought that book trailers are something invented by erotica authors in order to juxtapose moving waterfalls with shirtless hotties, but apparently I was wrong. Case in point: the new trailer for B.J. Novak's collection of short stories, One More Thing, which is really just delightful. (Not that shirtless… »1/24/14 4:45pm1/24/14 4:45pm

Today Show Skips 9/11 Coverage to Air Hard-Hitting Interview with Kris Jenner's Boobs

This morning at 8:46 am, at memorial ceremonies in New York and DC, Americans observed a moment of silence for the victims of 9/11. Naturally, aaaaaaall the major networks aired it—Good Morning America and CBS This Morning took a moment—but the mavericks at NBC opted instead to air an interview with Keeping Up with… »9/11/12 8:15pm9/11/12 8:15pm