We're So Surprised That the Catholic Bishops Rejected Obama's Birth Control Guidelines, Again

The White House released new birth control guidelines last Friday (we broke them down here) in hopes of reaching a compromise with religious groups and organizations that don't want to subsidize whatever they personally equate with baby-killing: contraceptives, sterilization, Plan B, those stress dreams you have that… »2/08/13 3:00pm2/08/13 3:00pm


Many Clergywomen Consider Resignation After Church of England Denies Women The Right To Become Bishops

Since the General Synod voted against allowing women to become bishops last week, the decision has become the biggest crisis faced by the Church of England for decades, alleges a piece on the post-vote fallout in UK periodical The Telegraph. Many of the present bishops (notably, the Archbishop of Canterbury, who cited… »11/24/12 5:30pm11/24/12 5:30pm