25-Year-Old Woman Sues Doctor For Not Delivering Her Via C-Section

Many women are concerned that once they're in labor, their doctors will ignore their birth plan. Halina Jane Gillett is suing Professor Jeffrey Robinson, one of Australia's most respected obstetricians, because she says he disregarded a request for a caesarean — from Gillett's mother in 1985. Instead, Robinson chose… » 8/02/11 11:43am 8/02/11 11:43am

Joy Behar Presents: Wonder Woman Vs. Birthers

Last night on The Joy Behar Show, dentist/lawyer/real estate agent/birther wackjob Orly Taitz displayed some showmanship and smiles along with her usual nonsense. But Lynda Carter, a.k.a. Wonder Woman, was not amused. » 10/14/09 1:00pm 10/14/09 1:00pm

Our 'Knocked Up' Baby Lust Is Just About Gone

So you might've heard that ever since seeing Knocked Up, all we've been able to think about is how badly we want babies. Or, er, babies with Seth Rogen. And, like, right now. But then we came across the website of the Duggar family and our vaginas began hurting. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have SIXTEEN FUCKING… » 6/04/07 5:40pm 6/04/07 5:40pm