Donald Trump Continues to Be His Own Best Parody in Stephen Colbert Interview 

Brand new Late Show host Stephen Colbert hosted Donald Trump last night, the presidential candidate America richly deserves. His ideas continue to be highly sophisticated: Build a “great, beautiful” wall between the U.S. and Mexico with a “beautiful big, fat door” in it. Make Mexico pay for it. Make it a “serious… »9/23/15 9:40am

Ben Carson: 'I Would Not Advocate That We Put a Muslim in Charge of This Nation'

During on an appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press, Republican primary candidate Ben Carson said that he would not support a Muslim as President of the United States. “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation,” Carson said during the interview, “I absolutely would not agree with that.” He added… »9/20/15 1:45pm

Birther Convention Cancelled Because Not Enough Idjits Believe the President Was Born in Kenya

It was supposed to be the biggest, most important summit of great American minds since the Constitutional Convention. It was destined to make the Royal Swedish Academy of Science's Nobel Prize announcement look like the final day of Burning Man. But it wasn't meant to be. The world wasn't ready, our minds aren't… »9/12/12 4:30pm

Nutjobs Rally Around 'Barack Obama Was Totally Going to Murder Chelsea Clinton' Conspiracy Theory

A paranoid series of Tweets from Fox News anchor Heather Childers yesterday introduced much of America to the newest, shiniest Our Black President Must Be Blackly Breaking the Law conspiracy theory: according to the deluded ramblings of a birther blog, while locked in a heated primary battle with Obama, Bill and… »4/04/12 10:40am

Joy Behar Perfectly Executes Bitchy Comment Toward Elisabeth Hasselbeck

This morning on The View, Elisabeth was telling a boring-ass, way-too-long story about her daughter losing a tooth and asking questions about the Tooth Fairy when Joy cut her off and said, "Did you try to find out if the Tooth Fairy has a birth certificate?" in reference to Elisabeth's not-so-silent support of the… »4/25/11 12:05pm