Celebs Gather to Honor Birthday of Noted Cat Enthusiast, Taylor Swift

Yesterday, Taylor Swift worked a heavy shift at her job performing at the Jingle Ball last night, but afterwards she celebrated her 25th birthday (Jingle Ball afterparty?) at her Tribeca apartment with quite the group of friends. Friends like Karlie Kloss, Haim, Beyoncé, Jay Z, Sam Smith, and a poop emoji, better… » 12/13/14 1:40pm 12/13/14 1:40pm

Woman Who Gives No Fucks Goes Skydiving for Her 100th Birthday

When Eleanor Cunningham turned 100, she wanted to do something really special. While I'm sure for plenty of women her age, going down to the local supper club for a night of dancing, or smoking through a couple cartons of cigarettes and downing a bottle of brandy would have sufficed quite nicely, Cunningham decided… » 11/10/14 11:50am 11/10/14 11:50am

Man Celebrates 96th Birthday by Accidentally Eating Rat Cake

Do you like cake? Are you one of those people who never got over childhood birthday parties and the sweet, smoky smell of snuffed candles mingling with buttercream icing? If you murmured "yes" to your computer, then the next sentence you read will horrify you and quite possibly turn you into a PIE person. An old… » 2/23/14 1:00pm 2/23/14 1:00pm

Here's the Thing About Having a Birthday On or Near Christmas

In 1985, my father ate Christmas dinner at the Waffle House. That's because I was born a week ahead of schedule, on December 24. But being born is pretty much the one time a Christmas baby gets to overshadow the omnipresent holiday and, consequently, I am completely befuddled by birthdays as a cultural institution. » 12/23/13 6:30pm 12/23/13 6:30pm

Why Not Celebrate Your 45th Birthday With a 45-Person Gang Bang?

On my 19th birthday, I spent several hours driving aimlessly around Albuquerque in a blue 1982 Dodge Ram listening to Jimmy Eat World on a Discman before I got lost in the South Valley and stopped to buy cigarettes, which I proceeded smoked so greedily that I threw up in a gravel parking lot. I was a virgin. The… » 8/06/13 4:10pm 8/06/13 4:10pm

Why Is It So Hard to Celebrate Your Birthday With Black Barbie?

It took Mattel decades to introduce and widely distribute black Barbies, and the company still advertises its line with dolls as blue-eyed and flaxen-haired as a neo-Nazi child (see above.) Now, Harlem mother Karen Braithwaite is leading a group of 14 Harlem moms and thousands of others who have signed a Change.org… » 4/01/13 6:30pm 4/01/13 6:30pm

A Whopping 80% of Centenarians Are Women

80% of the 53,364 people age 100 and older are women, according to the 2010 Census. Is it because women can deal with age-related diseases better than men, as some studies suggest? Maybe not, because men who do survive to 100 function better than women; the Census found that men were more likely to be living with… » 12/10/12 1:55pm 12/10/12 1:55pm