Kids' Birthday Party Gift Bags Are Getting Completely Out of Control

Having children has never been more expensive. In addition to paying for adorable but expensive little music lessons, adorable but expensive little day care, and adorable but expensive little tutoring to ensure that the kid will one day have a chance of attending adorable but expensive college, a new expense has been… »3/08/12 5:50pm3/08/12 5:50pm

It's Their Party And You'll Pay If They Want To: The Tyranny Of The Birthday Dinner

Funny piece by Slate »10/22/08 4:00pm10/22/08 4:00pm's John Swansburg about the ordeal of attending the obligatory friend's birthday dinner. We all know the economic challenges of staying solvent in an economically-diverse group, where invariably one is resentfully pushed into spending far more than intended, usually without even getting to speak…