Feds to Insurance Companies: You Actually Have to Cover Birth Control

Three federal agencies issued a pointed set of “clarifications” Monday, basically reminding health insurance companies that under the Affordable Care Act, they really do have to cover birth control without a co-pay or deductible. No, seriously. The same goes for “well woman” exams, preventive services for transgender… »5/11/15 6:45pm5/11/15 6:45pm

Health Insurance Companies Are Illegally Charging for Birth Control

One of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act is that birth control methods — be it pill, patch, shot, ring — are supposed to be covered by insurance companies without a co-pay or other charges. But two studies from the National Women’s Law Center have found that many insurance companies are still charging for… »5/01/15 4:40pm5/01/15 4:40pm

Doctors: Nuns Should Take The Pill For Its Non-Whorish Benefits

Women around the world struggle with the moral and practical implications of the Catholic Church's opposition to birth control, and now researchers are arguing that the church should actually encourage some women to go on the Pill. Not because all women should be able to have control over their reproductive health,… »12/08/11 3:30pm12/08/11 3:30pm

Newer Birth Control Pills Are More Dangerous, But Probably Won't Kill You

For those of us who like to convince ourselves that we're dying anytime we feel a tingle in our leg, the increasing amount of research that shows newer types of birth control pills, such as Yaz and Yasmin, have an increased risk of blood clots is disturbing. Now two more studies have shown that using these pills is… »11/07/11 10:23pm11/07/11 10:23pm

New Study Suggests That The Pill Could Make You Misread Men

Dubious study time! This time, it's about the pill. »8/13/08 9:30am8/13/08 9:30am According to evolutionary psychologists from the University of Newcastle in England, the pill won't just make you fat, crazy, and it will also make you choose the wrong mate! Let me explain. reports that there is some sort of genetic "musk" that men and women give…

'Breaking': Erratic Contraceptive Use Can Lead To Pregnancy

If you're not interested in getting pregnant, this new study might inspire you to be more vigilant with condom use. Nonprofit sexual research organization the Guttmacher Institute claims that half of all pregnancies are unplanned and one in four American women will get preggers because of inconsistent contraceptive… »5/13/08 9:30am5/13/08 9:30am