Study Suggests Link Between Birth Control Pills and Crohn's Disease

Birth control pills: good for you or not good for you? (Don't answer that; it's a trick question, since no one has a definitive answer.) » 3/15/15 11:50pm 3/15/15 11:50pm

Doctors: Nuns Should Take The Pill For Its Non-Whorish Benefits

Women around the world struggle with the moral and practical implications of the Catholic Church's opposition to birth control, and now researchers are arguing that the church should actually encourage some women to go on the Pill. Not because all women should be able to have control over their reproductive health,… » 12/08/11 3:30pm 12/08/11 3:30pm

How Evil Is Your Birth Control Manufacturer?

Yaz and Yasmin manufacturer Bayer is under fire yet again, this time for withholding key data about blood clot risks from the FDA. We decided to see how Bayer stacked up against other manufacturers where evil is concerned. » 12/06/11 4:10pm 12/06/11 4:10pm

Newer Birth Control Pills Are More Dangerous, But Probably Won't Kill…

For those of us who like to convince ourselves that we're dying anytime we feel a tingle in our leg, the increasing amount of research that shows newer types of birth control pills, such as Yaz and Yasmin, have an increased risk of blood clots is disturbing. Now two more studies have shown that using these pills is… » 11/07/11 10:23pm 11/07/11 10:23pm

5 Things We Didn't Know About Contraceptive History

In honor of the Pill's 50th anniversary, Time's Nancy Gibbs takes a look back at its history and influence. Her piece includes a couple of facts we were surprised to learn — including the origin of the condom. » 4/23/10 5:00pm 4/23/10 5:00pm

A Reader's Treasury Of Cures For Your Cramps

Recently, I complained of my monthly misery, seeking help — and thank you, seriously, for getting all up in my uterus. Thanks to all of your suggestions, we now present the ultimate guide to curing your cramps! » 4/02/10 2:20pm 4/02/10 2:20pm

Unsatisfied With Outlawing Abortion, "Personhood" Group Takes On The…

A group called Personhood Florida want to amend Florida's constitution to outlaw not just all abortion, but the morning-after pill and ordinary oral contraceptives as well. Luckily, the amendment is unlikely to pass. [Crooks And Liars] » 9/14/09 2:30pm 9/14/09 2:30pm

New Law Restores Affordable Birth Control For American Women

Yesterday, President Obama signed into law a new appropriations bill that will let college and community health centers sell birth control at extremely low prices once again. » 3/12/09 9:30am 3/12/09 9:30am

Has The Pill "Increased Or Diminished Human Happiness"?

Birth control pills will go over the counter at a few locations in London in 2009, prompting James Berrill of The Independent to examine its legacy — and come up with some pretty weird opinions. » 12/16/08 1:20pm 12/16/08 1:20pm

New Study Suggests That The Pill Could Make You Misread Men

Dubious study time! This time, it's about the pill. » 8/13/08 9:30am 8/13/08 9:30am According to evolutionary psychologists from the University of Newcastle in England, the pill won't just make you fat, crazy, and it will also make you choose the wrong mate! Let me explain. reports that there is some sort of genetic "musk" that men and women give…

More And More Pharmacists Refusing To Cough Up Your Yaz

A new pharmacy about to open in Northern Virginia boasts the best Christian gimmick since abstinence pants: They're refusing to fill prescriptions for birth control! Yes, pharmacists who believe contraception is tantamount to "playing God" are um "playing God" again. The cool thing, of course, is that the general… » 6/16/08 12:30pm 6/16/08 12:30pm

'Breaking': Erratic Contraceptive Use Can Lead To Pregnancy

If you're not interested in getting pregnant, this new study might inspire you to be more vigilant with condom use. Nonprofit sexual research organization the Guttmacher Institute claims that half of all pregnancies are unplanned and one in four American women will get preggers because of inconsistent contraceptive… » 5/13/08 9:30am 5/13/08 9:30am

Have you suffered a major head injury? Are you on birth control pills? Chinese researchers have determined that progesterone, found in many oral contraceptives, can have "neuroprotective" qualities, meaning speedier and easier healing from head trauma. [Science Daily] » 5/02/08 4:30pm 5/02/08 4:30pm

Labor Pains

The new "ethics guidelines" written by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists instruct its members that they needn't perform any procedure that they take moral issue with. In other words: abortions, prescribing the morning-after pill or even regular ol' birth control pills — they don't have to do… » 3/19/08 5:20pm 3/19/08 5:20pm

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