Supreme Court Prepares to Fuck Up This Birth Control Thing

Whelp, it was good while it lasted. Analysts following what's become known as the "Hobby Lobby case" predict that, following oral arguments before the Supreme Court today, it seems likely that the five conservative men on the nation's highest court are likely to band together and rule that a woman's boss's religious… »3/25/14 4:00pm3/25/14 4:00pm

Samantha Bee Gets a Federally Funded Penis Pump Stuck to her Face

One of the most repeated shouting points against Obamacare's birth control mandate comes from politicians on the right who claim that "their" tax dollars shouldn't go to support "sexual choices" of women who use whore pills. Meanwhile, the same politicians are eerily silent about the millions of dollars per year the… »3/13/14 1:50pm3/13/14 1:50pm

Obama Administration Rejects Nuns' Challenge to Birth Control Mandate

As 2013 drew to a close, Justice Sotomayor granted a temporary injunction to roughly 200 religiously affiliated organizations, which exempted them from complying with the Affordable Care Act's birth control mandate. She gave the Obama administration until 10 a.m. on Friday to respond — and respond they did, disputing »1/03/14 6:45pm1/03/14 6:45pm

We're So Surprised That the Catholic Bishops Rejected Obama's Birth Control Guidelines, Again

The White House released new birth control guidelines last Friday (we broke them down here) in hopes of reaching a compromise with religious groups and organizations that don't want to subsidize whatever they personally equate with baby-killing: contraceptives, sterilization, Plan B, those stress dreams you have that… »2/08/13 3:00pm2/08/13 3:00pm

Bush-Appointed Judge Issues Righteous Defense of Birth Control Mandate

George Bush, you had ONE JOB. And that job was to pump the court system full of conservative judges who did nutty things like declare themselves "pro life" while strongly advocating in favor of less gun control and letting the President declare war whenever Saddam Hussein makes any future Presidents named Bush mad.… »10/01/12 9:15pm10/01/12 9:15pm

Here's How to Score Copay-Free Birth Control, Coming This Week to a Pharmacy Near You

On August 1st, an important provision of the Affordable Care Act kicks in that many women will welcome with open arms, or, uh, legs — something the government is calling Affordable Access to Preventative Care, but that you can think of as No Copay Day, the magical day when you no longer have to pay for birth control… »7/30/12 2:10pm7/30/12 2:10pm

Law Will Allow Employers to Fire Women for Using Whore Pills

A proposed new law in Arizona would give employers the power to request that women being prescribed birth control pills provide proof that they're using it for non-sexual reasons. And because Arizona's an at-will employment state, that means that bosses critical of their female employees' sex lives could fire them as… »3/13/12 5:15pm3/13/12 5:15pm

Sandra Fluke 'Slut' Comments Mysteriously Vanish from Rush Limbaugh's Online Transcripts

Super genius Rush Limbaugh is handling the fallout from Slutgate in exactly the sort of mature, thoughtful, constructive way you'd expect a plagiarizing teen to handle being caught cheating on his homework — by erasing the evidence in a ham fisted manner and hoping that everyone will just forget about it. It seems… »3/08/12 4:30pm3/08/12 4:30pm