Hobby Lobby's Retirement Plan Invests in Contraception Makers

Hobby Lobby has fought all the way to the Supreme Court over whether the government can compel a "religious corporation" to cover employees' birth control. But it seems that as of December 2012, when the company originally filed suit, the company wasn't so picky about its retirement plan, which invests in contraception… » 4/01/14 11:00am 4/01/14 11:00am

Supreme Court Prepares to Fuck Up This Birth Control Thing

Whelp, it was good while it lasted. Analysts following what's become known as the "Hobby Lobby case" predict that, following oral arguments before the Supreme Court today, it seems likely that the five conservative men on the nation's highest court are likely to band together and rule that a woman's boss's religious… » 3/25/14 4:00pm 3/25/14 4:00pm

Show Your March Madness Team Spirit With a Well-Timed Vasectomy

March Madness is upon us, which means many basketball fans are about to disappear for two weeks and return, blinking at the unfamiliar sunlight, only when a winner is crowned. So many men are apparently taking this opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, by scheduling their vasectomies. » 3/17/14 11:05am 3/17/14 11:05am

Birth Control Doesn't Encourage Risky Sex -- Someone Tell the GOP!

According to new study that surveyed nearly 8,000 women and teenage girls, no-cost access to birth control doesn't encourage women to engage in risky or "promiscuous" sexual behavior. Another related study conducted the same week (by me) finds that no-cost access to birth control does have one harmful effect on the… » 3/09/14 5:00pm 3/09/14 5:00pm

Pope Says the Catholic Church Is Great at Handling Sexual Assault

Happy Ash Wednesday! Pope Francis, previously deemed the saving grace of the modern Catholic Church, is proving once and for all that you can't get rid of thousands of years inadequacy with one complex man. » 3/05/14 12:40pm 3/05/14 12:40pm

Hug Your Birth Control: American Abortion Rate Hits A Historic Low

New research shows that the abortion rate in America is at its lowest level since the 1970's, and we have widely available, reliable birth control to thank. This data, in the face of other numbers that suggest the American birth rate is also at historic lows, suggests that women are simply exerting greater control over … » 2/03/14 3:30pm 2/03/14 3:30pm

January Has Actually Been a Decent Month for Reproductive Rights…

Finally, some good news on efforts to limit women's access to contraception/abortion. Today, Oklahoma District Court Judge Lisa Davis struck down a state law requiring women under the age of 17 to get a prescription for Plan B emergency contraception. » 1/24/14 5:00pm 1/24/14 5:00pm

Sorry, God: Catholic Schoolgirls Use Birth Control

Three anonymous women who attend the University of Notre Dame have been granted the right to intervene in the school's lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act's birth control mandate. The school claims that because the government has declared contraception basic care for women, their right to base other people's health … » 1/17/14 10:00am 1/17/14 10:00am

Obama Administration Rejects Nuns' Challenge to Birth Control Mandate

As 2013 drew to a close, Justice Sotomayor granted a temporary injunction to roughly 200 religiously affiliated organizations, which exempted them from complying with the Affordable Care Act's birth control mandate. She gave the Obama administration until 10 a.m. on Friday to respond — and respond they did, disputing » 1/03/14 6:45pm 1/03/14 6:45pm

Justice Sotomayor Pumps the Brakes on the Birth Control Mandate

On the cusp of pressing the reset button on our frenzied Gregorian existence, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor gave us all a frustrating New Year's Eve surprise by blocking the implementation of that tricky part of the Affordable Care Act that would have forced certain religiously affiliated organizations (ahem,… » 1/01/14 12:00pm 1/01/14 12:00pm

'The 12 Days of Christmas' With Birth Control Is Priceless [Updated]

Do you love Christmas music, but feel it could include more references to contraceptives? You're in luck! Planned Parenthood Arizona has released a cover of "The Twelve Days of Christmas." Only they've replaced all the random gifts (swans? you shouldn't have) with stuff you can actually use, like diaphragms, spermicides… » 12/24/13 3:40pm 12/24/13 3:40pm

NY Catholic Group Wins Right To Deny Birth Control to Employees

US District Judge Brian Cogan ruled yesterday that a group of New York Catholic institutions cannot be forced to offer birth control in employee health care plans as mandated by the Affordable Care Act. The group consisted of six New York-area Catholic organizations including the Archdiocese, high schools, medical and… » 12/17/13 11:50am 12/17/13 11:50am