Amber Heard Loves Johnny Depp and Her Step Kids, She Swears

In a new interview in Marie Claire with Amber Heard (“Marie Claire? Amber Heard? You have my unwavering attention!” -you, probably), Heard talks about her marriage to Johnny Depp—Don’t believe the press! It’s great! Best marriage in the world!—and her relationship with her step kids. Which is also great! Damn, does… »11/12/15 8:00pm11/12/15 8:00pm


After 12 Years, Mary-Louise Parker Finally Wrote About Being Dumped by Billy Crudup While Pregnant

I haven’t read every letter in Mary-Louise Parker’s new memoir Dear Mr. You, but I did skim all 34 of them in my hunt for a story about one particular person from her life. You see, Parker never names names in her collection of letters, and instead gives each one titles like “Dear Risk Teacher,” “Dear Movement… »11/10/15 1:40pm11/10/15 1:40pm

Celebrities Have Had it Up to Here With This Anti-Woman Crap

Today, the Center for Reproductive Rights has launched a star-heavy initiative called Draw the Line, which controversially asserts that women are people who should be able to make decisions about their own bodies. It seems crazy that we've arrived at a place where this is a necessary thing that we have to tell our… »10/09/12 1:55pm10/09/12 1:55pm

Mary-Louise Parker Compares Paparazzi Stalking To Sexual Assault

Considering the dearth of roles being offered to women over 40 in Hollywood, Mary-Louise Parker bucks the trend and not only has a blossoming film, television, and theater career, but a face with the emotional range of the Botox-free! How does this 43-year-old mother do it all? By not compromising, according to an… »3/03/08 3:30pm3/03/08 3:30pm