Billy Corgan Praises Donald Trump for 'Fucking It Up'

Billy Corgan had some interesting things to say about the presidential campaign of human turd Donald Trump. While Corgan, who was raised as a Democrat, said he didn’t agree with Trump’s politics, he thinks “what’s cool is Trump’s running chaos theory.” Because Trump is “forcing things out in the open,” much like…


Celebrity Fight! Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart Sue Billy Corgan, Saying He Terrorized Them With a Big Tree

Wow, okay. Wow. Once in a long while a story comes along that makes all this dirt-baggin' worth it. Specifically, for me, it happens when totally rando celebrities get mad at each other over mundane shit and I get to imagine them sitting in a room and yelling at each other. The best!!! Case in point: Rebecca Gayheart