Accio Nerds! J.K. Rowling Is Developing a Harry Potter Stage Show

Wait. Can you "accio" sentient beings? Or do I need to, like, levicorpus all the Harry Potter fans and then locomotor them over to the West End? Please advise. As I'm sure you can tell, I got a "T" in Charms. Oh, ANYHOO, there's going to be a Harry Potter stage show co-produced and overseen by J.K. Rowling within the… »12/19/13 8:15pm12/19/13 8:15pm

Obama's Olympic Delegation Features 2 Gay Athletes. Your Move, Putin.

Conundrum: 2014 Winter Olympics host country Russia just enacted an ass-backward anti-gay law that isn't popular in countries led by less awful people. How's a self-respecting world leader to give the government the finger while still supporting their home country's athletes? By sending an Olympic delegation chock… »12/18/13 2:45pm12/18/13 2:45pm

Guess Who's 40 And Aging Gracefully: Happy Birthday, Title IX!

One could argue that it started with Little League. In 1950, a 12-year-old girl named Kathryn Johnston asked her mother to cut off her braids, adopted the nickname "Tubby" and pretended to be a boy in order to go out for the Corning King's Dairy team in upstate New York. She made the cut, and eventually confessed to… »6/23/12 3:45pm6/23/12 3:45pm

Some Men's Sports Are Losing Funding Because Of Title IX Interpretation

Billie Jean King was on NPR's Morning Edition »8/25/08 3:20pm8/25/08 3:20pm today talking about the of the "Battle of the Sexes" she fought with professional jerkface Bobby Riggs. For those too young to remember, Riggs, an aging tennis star, challenged King to a tennis match, saying he would beat her because women are too weak to compete against…