Billboard Is Polling Music Executives on Whether or Not They Believe Kesha's Abuse Allegations

A confidential survey recently sent by Billboard to top music executives asks participants to weigh in on a variety of gossipy issues, like what artists are secretly the biggest assholes, what Justin Bieber’s career will be like in a few years, and—most questionably—whether or not they believe that Kesha was sexually… »8/21/15 11:55am8/21/15 11:55am

Storage Ad Reminds Us That Paul Ryan’s Face Is a Storage Unit for Bad Memories

Here we have an ad for Manhattan Mini Storage, which seems to really capture the spirit of the age while offering precious little information about how wonderful storing things with Manhattan Mini Storage can be. Maybe it means that we shouldn't store all those Paul Ryan mistakes in our hearts, that, you know, Paul… »9/30/12 12:30pm9/30/12 12:30pm