Nicki Minaj Is Unimpressed With This Stupid Bill Cosby Costume 

Every Halloween a handful of people make incredibly dumb costume decisions; from dressing in blackface to appropriating other cultures, stupid puns and more. Yesterday, Nicki Minaj called out one particularly misguided costume: a dude who thought that dressing like Bill Cosby and a passed out rape victim, complete… »11/01/15 12:00pm11/01/15 12:00pm

Bill Cosby Still Retains Over 40 Honorary Degrees

Recently a bevy of universities have announced their decisions to revoke the honorary degrees they once bestowed on Bill Cosby. Fordham, Spelman, and Brown are just three of the institutions that have ended their association with the comedian, implying their condemnation of rape and sexual assault. But Cosby still… »10/27/15 3:35pm10/27/15 3:35pm

Cosby Accused of Two More Sexual Assaults, at Private Audition and Track Meet

Two more women added their stories to the more than 50 separate accusations of sexual assault against legendary comedian Bill Cosby at a press conference today with attorney Gloria Allred. One woman claimed Cosby drugged and raped her at a private audition for The Cosby Show, and the other accused him of forcibly… »10/24/15 4:00pm10/24/15 4:00pm

Controversial Ebony Cover Raises Questions About Cosby Show Legacy

Since numerous allegations of sexual assault have come forth against Bill Cosby over the past year, fans of The Cosby Show have found themselves grappling with conflicting emotions. The cover of Ebony Magazine’s November issue brings these complex thoughts to light —what exactly are fans supposed to do when their… »10/18/15 4:45pm10/18/15 4:45pm

Bill Cosby's Lawyers Are Trying to Keep His Upcoming Deposition Private

Bill Cosby lost his latest attempt to stop a civil lawsuit filed by Judy Huth, who says Cosby molested her at the Playboy Mansion in 1974 when she was 15 years old. The comedian will be deposed on Friday, October 9, and it will be the first time Cosby will speak directly about a sexual assault case in court since his… »10/08/15 1:05pm10/08/15 1:05pm

Model Sues Bill Cosby Over 2008 Sexual Assault at Playboy Mansion 

Earlier today, 24-year-old model Chloe Goins filed a lawsuit against Bill Cosby for punitive damages, including “mental anguish, loss of self-esteem and dignity,” stemming from a 2008 sexual assault at the Playboy Mansion. According to the Associated Press, the lawsuit tells a familiar story, stating: “Bill Cosby… »10/06/15 10:15pm10/06/15 10:15pm

Universities Revoke Honorary Degrees Given to Bill Cosby

In wake of the sexual allegations made against Bill Cosby by more than 40 women, Marquette University in Wisconsin and Fordham University in New York have both decided to pull the honorary degrees they bestowed to the comedian years ago. Fordham presented Cosby with an honorary doctorate of fine arts degree in 2001,… »9/27/15 5:00pm9/27/15 5:00pm

In Cosby: The Women Speak, Victims Share Tragic Stories and Eerie Pictures

On Thursday, A&E aired Cosby: The Women Speak, a collection of interviews with the alleged sexual assault victims of comedian Bill Cosby. To watch the over a dozen women recount what happened to them was sobering and harrowing, not to mention likely empowering for them, because they are finally being heard. »9/18/15 11:45am9/18/15 11:45am