Judge Swiftly Rejects Cosby's Demand for New York's Unpublished Interviews With His Accusers 

In July of last year, 35 of the women accusing Bill Cosby of rape were photographed and interviewed by New York magazine, a powerful testament to what an allegedly heinous and villainous rapist the once-beloved entertainer is. On Tuesday, a judge swiftly turned down a demand from Cosby’s lawyers for the magazine to…

Talking to Amber Rose About MuvaMoji and the Importance of Sexting at Least Once Per Day 

There are three golden rules to a healthy relationship: first, try to not be a piece of shit to your significant other; second, communicate; and third, according to Amber Rose, have one sexually explicit conversation a day. You know, to keep the libido flowing. Rose thinks she can help with that last part, and she’s…

Judge Partially Stays Bill Cosby's Defamation Case to 'Avoid Fifth Amendment Predicament'

On Monday, in Massachusetts, a judge partially stayed a defamation case against Bill Cosby brought by seven women and led by Tamara Green. The ruling will exempt him from “providing discovery while his criminal case is pending”—the criminal case in question being the one lodged in Pennsylvania by Andrea Constand.