Juanita Broaddrick Tweets About Bill Clinton Rape Allegations, Refers to Him as "My Abuser" 

In a not-surprising development, rape allegations against Bill Clinton are getting fresh circulation. Juanita Broaddrick, who says Clinton raped her in a hotel in 1978 and who first disclosed the incident in 1999, tweeted Wednesday that she is still suffering after Bill raped her and Hillary Clinton “tried to silence…

Woman to Hillary Clinton: Does Believing Rape Victims Include the Women Who Accused Your Husband? 

A woman at a New Hampshire campaign event Thursday asked Hillary Clinton about rape and sexual harassment allegations against Bill Clinton. The questioner pointed out that Clinton has said assault survivors have “the right to be believed.” It was as awkward as you’d expect.

The Clintons Have Raised $3 Billion By Being Obsessively Nice

Over the past 41 years of public life, Hillary and Bill Clinton have amassed a web of fiercely loyal donors who have contributed a total of $3 billion to their charity and various political campaigns. And they have done it by being nice. By being exceptionally shrewd, calculating politicians, but also by being really,…