A Hairless Vag May Be Hazardous For Your Health

The concept of pubic landscaping is ubiquitous at this point — even men are getting (gag) "boyzillians" — but there are also signs that au naturel pubes are coming back in fashion. Maybe that's because the fear that others won't be sexually attracted to you if your vagina doesn't look like a twelve-year-old's kind of… » 8/10/12 1:00pm 8/10/12 1:00pm

Tyra Banks Gives Bow Wow A Creepy Sex Talk

Tyra might actually be suffering from the writers' strike because she only had one new episode last week. However, she's been known to be a scab before. During the last strike, she decided to go on with ANTM without writers. But the one new episode she did manage to air last week was sort of wonderfully disgusting:… » 12/10/07 7:00pm 12/10/07 7:00pm

Benny, The Bikini-Waxed Intern: Hot New Internet Hunk

Remember Benny from yesterday? The guy who we convinced to get his bikini-line waxed? We'll we're psyched to see that Benny got such positive responses in the comments section of the video of his ordeal. You guys totally wanna bone him! » 9/20/07 6:00pm 9/20/07 6:00pm

He so deserves to get some love for being such a good sport. Also, remember…

Benny The Tech Geek Gets A Bikini Wax

For our new series, "What It Feels Like To Be A Girl," we'll be filming men going through some of the more agonizing experiences that women put themselves through. (Suggestions? Send them our way.) First up: Benny, an intern from our geeky, big brother blog Gizmodo. Benny was not only brave enough to agree to get a… » 9/19/07 12:30pm 9/19/07 12:30pm