NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Bans State Travel to North Carolina After Anti-LGBT Law

Last week, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory signed into law a draconian bill that repealed every local LGBT anti-discrimination law and requires people to use the bathroom that corresponds with the biological gender written on their birth certificate. Obviously, this has prompted massive backlash.


Your Favorite Republican Candidates Happily Endorse Kim Davis' Bigotry

Now that the Kim Davis story has turned into a national news item that won’t go away until the county clerk is either impeached, fined, or thrown into jail, Republican candidates hoping to become president are releasing statements to let the public know that they won’t stand for the “war on faith” in this country.…

Teen Pleads Guilty To Burning Down Church Because of the 'Race, Color and Ethnicity of Its Congregation'

With a name like Jean-Claude Bridges, you should really be an extra great guy, but as it turns out, that's sadly not the case. In a Danville, VA court yesterday morning, Jean-Claude Bridges, 18, plead guilty to starting a blaze at New Holy Deliverance Outreach Ministry, a Virginia church with a predominantly black…