Anti-Gay County Clerk Demands That Tax Payers Help Him Shirk His Job

Casey Davis, a county clerk in Kentucky, is having a hard time doing his job now that gay marriage is now federally legal. Though this means that Davis is legally obligated to issue same-sex marriage licenses, he still says that he “deserves relief” from all the happy gay couples coming in. » 7/07/15 3:31pm 7/07/15 3:31pm

Katy Perry Accused Again of Bigotry, This Time Against Muslims

Fans of "Ur So Gay" and "I Kissed a Girl," as well as Katy Perry's random geisha performance at the American Music Awards, are in luck. The singer has more stupidly offensive fare to foist upon us. This time she faces backlash for featuring a man wearing an Allah pendant who disintegrates into sand upon her command. » 2/25/14 7:10pm 2/25/14 7:10pm

And Now, a Pro Athlete's Shitty Tweet About Jason Collins

Mike Wallace is the newest high-priced free agent to sign with the Miami Dolphins. He’s very fast, favors the number 17, and used to play for the Pittsburgh Steelers. On Monday, he also earned the distinction of being one of the very first pro athletes to tweet something shitty about NBA free agent Jason Collins … » 4/30/13 9:30am 4/30/13 9:30am

Your Evening Cry: How We Wish History Had Gone Down

If you're ready to cry into your evening bowl of ice cream bon bons, grab all the Kleenex ever made, and get into this Anti-Defamation League video. It imagines a world that still has Martin Luther King, Anne Frank, Matthew Shepard, and many other wonderful souls because it's a world without hate crimes. I'm… » 3/21/13 10:15pm 3/21/13 10:15pm

Teen Pleads Guilty To Burning Down Church Because of the 'Race, Color…

With a name like Jean-Claude Bridges, you should really be an extra great guy, but as it turns out, that's sadly not the case. In a Danville, VA court yesterday morning, Jean-Claude Bridges, 18, plead guilty to starting a blaze at New Holy Deliverance Outreach Ministry, a Virginia church with a predominantly black… » 1/09/13 10:15pm 1/09/13 10:15pm

Gay Couple Sues Catholic Diocese for Being Allegedly Bigoted About Real…

A gay couple in Massachusetts sued a Roman Catholic diocese on Monday for allegedly bringing bigotry into a real estate deal by refusing to sell the couple a mansion for fear that it would one day play host to a big, fabulous gay wedding, sex party, or roller disco. Any of those scenarios would violate a particularly… » 9/10/12 10:25pm 9/10/12 10:25pm

Kirk Cameron Opens His Mouth Just Wide Enough to Accommodate His Stinky…

Zombie child actor Kirk Cameron refuses to stay in the cool, dark earth of his television career, and so has reached a necrotic limb into the media once again to talk about...himself. Specifically, Cameron would like everyone to know that all the bigoted stuff he said about gay people to Piers Morgan was taken out of… » 9/10/12 10:20am 9/10/12 10:20am

Bigot's Protest Burning of 'Gay Cereal' Fails Really Hard

This misguided and, let's be honest, hapless gentleman thinks that a good way to protest General Mills' support of same-sex marriage is to burn a perfectly good box of Honey Nut Cheerios. It's quite possible that the box is empty, since there isn't a person, bigoted or otherwise, who would just torch Honey Nut… » 8/06/12 11:15pm 8/06/12 11:15pm

Chick-Fil-A Enthusiast Offers Morally Conflicted a Way to Have Their…

Only in America could battered, fried, poultry engender so many strong feelings. I mean, a rover is about to land and poke around on the surface of Mars, but there is an alarmingly significant segment of our population that has lost more sleep on being morally conflicted about whether or not tomorrow is the day… » 8/05/12 9:30pm 8/05/12 9:30pm

Republicans Bravely Defend Children's Right to Tell Gay Kids They're…

The gig's up, homos — Republicans in Illinois are on to your bullshit. They know that all these pinko attempts to strengthen anti-bullying rules are all just part of the gay agenda, an attempt to actually keep the Christian kids down by stripping them of their god-given right to inform all the sissies and limp-wrists… » 5/23/12 5:15pm 5/23/12 5:15pm

Virginia Rejects Judge For Being Too Gay for the Gavel

Last night, the GOP-controlled Virginia legislature rejected the judicial appointment of an openly gay attorney after an anti-gay conservative group pressured Republican lawmakers to keep the homo out of the courtroom. When our male judges look at the exposed breast of Lady Justice, we went them to get real, red… » 5/15/12 6:50pm 5/15/12 6:50pm

Stepford-esque Girl Scout Protests the Admission of Transgender Members

Does anyone at Girl Scouts USA want us to buy their cookies anymore? First, some GSUSA members are boycotting over the right to pee outdoors and now, in a darker turn, we have this robotic young lady asking you to forgo your annual box of Samoas because the Girl Scouts organization has recently become cool enough to… » 1/11/12 3:35pm 1/11/12 3:35pm

Michele Bachmann Would Protect Gay People By Doing Nothing

Michele Bachmann's still touring the country with her wildly popular performance art piece she calls "Paranoid Funadmentalist Conspiracy Theorist Magnetic Poetry Runs For President." In this stop along her campaign trail, the Minnesota Congresswoman landed in what looks like a rural Iowa nursing home multipurpose… » 12/01/11 3:50pm 12/01/11 3:50pm

Church Stands Up For What It Believes In, Bans Interracial Couples

Apparently, Jesus has been horribly misquoted for roughly 2,000 years. While everyone thinks he was a fan of loving your neighbor as you love yourself, what he actually meant is that you should love your fellow man as long as his skin isn't a different color than yours. Thankfully, there's a small church in Kentucky… » 12/01/11 10:50am 12/01/11 10:50am

Lesbian Confirmed As Federal Judge; World Does Not Stop Spinning

The US Senate has confirmed the federal judicial appointment of Alison Nathan, an out lesbian, with no Republican support. She's the second lesbian to receive a federal lifetime judicial appointment in the US and will join two other currently active gay judges in raining gay rainbow justice all over Real America.… » 10/14/11 12:20pm 10/14/11 12:20pm