Is the 'War on Obesity' Just a Massive Conspiracy to Sell Diet Pills?

There's no doubt that the weight loss industry in America is an inconceivably massive moneymaker for corporations and pharmaceutical companies. It's indisputable. A lot of rich people make a lot of money off the public perception that fat is wrong and that eliminating fat is a national moral mandate of apocalyptic… »11/05/12 1:35pm11/05/12 1:35pm

Salon Scribe Learns How To Manage "Love's Greatest Killer"

A story comes across the wires about an ill-fated 18-year-old girl who died on a snorkeling trip to Cancun. My thoughts in quick succession: Oh that poor girl and her poor family. Crap, I am never going snorkeling…Hmm, probably shouldn't go on boats again either… Oh gawd, don't even start with planes!… I should just… »6/12/08 5:00pm6/12/08 5:00pm

Marketers Of Weight-Loss Drug Really Like Them Some 'Round Table'

The start of summer is still two weeks away, but it's just 9 days until the new weight-loss drug Alli hits pharmacists' shelves! And as writer Gillian Reagan reports in today's New York Observer, Alli's manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline, seems to have a soft spot for... pizza. (Who doesn't?) Not only are company's… »6/06/07 10:25am6/06/07 10:25am