Do Big Cats Purr As They Snuggle You to Death?

On a day when the rest of America is drunk on puppy, we should remind ourselves that the wide world is full of genuine cuddle monsters and that scientists have finally answered the baffling mystery that you probably think about on an average of 4.6 times a day without even realizing it: Do big cats purr? Maybe?… » 2/05/12 6:00pm 2/05/12 6:00pm

This Is How Tigers Act On Catnip

Do big cats like catnip? Judging from this video of tigers, panthers, and lions attacking bags of kitty pot, then rolling on the ground in a euphoric haze, the answer is yes. » 8/05/10 12:18pm 8/05/10 12:18pm

Big Cats Love The Smell Of Calvin Klein's Obsession

Don't wear Calvin Klein's Obsession for Men if you're heading into the jungle. A Bronx Zoo wildlife expert discovered cheetahs love the scent, and now researchers around the world use it to lure big cats closer to their cameras. [WSJ] » 6/08/10 10:20am 6/08/10 10:20am

Christian The Lion: The Movie • UK Begins HPV Vaccine Program In Earnest

Sony Pictures is currently in the process of securing the life-story rights » 9/05/08 5:20pm 9/05/08 5:20pm of John Rendall and Anthony Bourke (stars of the Christian: The Lion YouTube video) to make a feature film about their feline friend. • Britain has started a nationwide that will target 600,000 girls, beginning at the age of 12. • A new…

Big Cats & Dogs

A golden retriever named Isabella at Safari Zoological Park in southeast Kansas has adopted three white tiger cubs who were abandoned by their mother. After the birth mother ignored the cubs the zoo owner, Tom Harvey, found a nursing dog to help the cubs survive. White tigers are not as "genetically stable" as their… » 7/31/08 9:45am 7/31/08 9:45am