White House Refuses to Comment on Justin Bieber Deportation Petition

The people had spoken. Over 273,000 people signed the We The People petition, expressing their right to free speech and interest in America's immigration policy and devoting countless hours to the singular cause of having the United States government tell noted Canadian thing Justin Bieber to GTFO. But the… » 4/20/14 1:00pm 4/20/14 1:00pm

Taylor Swift Spends the Night with Brit-Pop Gingersnap Ed Sheeran

It's possible that your fevered collective fan dreams have come true—Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran might be tenderly and respectfully fornicating. Apparently Sheeran was in T-Swizzle's hotel room before the Brit Awards until 4 AM, when Sheeran finally left looking "very pleased with himself" (according to some creep… » 3/01/13 9:00am 3/01/13 9:00am

Shocker: Kim Kardashian Weighing In on Israel-Palestine Conflict…

People hate Kim Kardashian even more than they usually do this morning since she posted a sentiment interpreted as pro-Israel on Twitter: "Praying for everyone in Israel." After receiving all manner of negative Tweets in return, including a few death threats, she hastily added: "Praying for everyone in Palestine and… » 11/17/12 11:30am 11/17/12 11:30am

Justin Bieber Superfan Burns Kurt Cobain By Saying He Wasn't Huge on…

Yesterday a fangirl who calls herself Amanda Bieber (clever, right?) took to her Twitter account to defend her "boyfriend" Justin Bieber against the haters—something which, judging from her feed, seems to be her primary occupation. She posted the following: » 6/14/12 11:55pm 6/14/12 11:55pm

This Is How Celebrities Amuse Themselves

After Justin Bieber sported a tee with Kelly Kapowski's likeness on it at Canada's Much Music Awards, Tiffiany-Amber Thiessen showed up to the premiere of Horrible Bosses wearing a tee with Justin Bieber on it last night. And then, two more photos surfaced: one of Dustin Diamond wearing a shirt of Tiffiany-Amber… » 6/24/11 6:00pm 6/24/11 6:00pm

DJ Reprimanded For Insulting Bieber, Bieber Fans

The Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council has penalized radio host Dean Blundell for saying Justin Bieber is gay, then Tweeting that angry Bieber fans should, "Save your energy for puberty or to fend off your dad tonight while you're sleepin.'" » 10/25/10 9:23am 10/25/10 9:23am

Fantasia Hospitalized After Overdose, Possible Suicide Attempt