Woman Needs Your Help to Take Bicycle On Lavish Honeymoon

These are hard times we're living in: rents are up, wages are down, and we're doing all of our clothes shopping at Walgreens—two sweatshirts for $10, you can't beat that. Some people can't even afford to take their bike on a honeymoon. That's why Lisa Nelson of Pacifica, Ca has started an Indiegogo campaign to fund… » 2/27/14 11:00pm 2/27/14 11:00pm

The Leopard Print Bike That Will Drive You Wild

It may not be the most practical of rides, but the Animalier Bike from Dolce & Gabbana is pretty damn stylish. This leopard print beauty is part of the Spring/Summer 2012 collection, and it's hand finished with 24-karat gold touches—perfect for peddling through the muddy streets and for locking to the nearest post for… » 4/22/12 10:10pm 4/22/12 10:10pm

Vogue's Eco Economics

As discussed, Vogue's "green" issue is more about cash than the environment. So even though Cammie Diaz is wearing organic cotton on the cover, the last page features a $5,900 bike with $975 "basket." » 6/12/09 12:20pm 6/12/09 12:20pm

The Town Bicycle

A Finnish artist named Mimosa Pale has created a giant vulva-shaped (and incredibly detailed) pedicab in protest of a world she thinks is too 'man-parts-centric.' Pale invites others to ride within the satiny folds of the vagina-cocoon and we imagine it probably makes for some great photo-ops from gawking tourists… » 6/05/08 9:45am 6/05/08 9:45am

Hey Ladies, Let's Talk About Our Cycles

Over on Salon, Rachel Shukert is writing about bicycles. "A bicycle is a perfect machine: simple, elegant and efficient. It does exactly what it needs to do, whenever it needs to do it," she writes. And "there's a convincing case… that the bicycle advanced the cause of women's liberation more than any other inanimate… » 5/22/08 5:00pm 5/22/08 5:00pm