'Everyone Needs to Chill': Kylie Jenner and Tyga Are Still Together 

Earlier this week, the rumor mill insisted that the sweet and tender romance of 18-year-old Kylie Jenner and 26-year-old Tyga was over. Weeping cries of “no!” and hearts breaking were heard across the internet. Certainly if the bond shared by Kylie and Tyga could be broken, then what hope did any of us mere mortals… »11/22/15 10:30am11/22/15 10:30am

Becoming Beyoncé Writer J. Randy Taraborrelli: "She's So Lucky To Have Me as a Biographer"

This week saw the release of the first major, large-scale biography on one of pop music’s biggest and most guarded stars: Beyoncé. The product of hundreds of hours of interviews from dozens of sources, J. Randy Taraborrelli’s Becoming Beyoncé aims to be the definitive chronicle on the creation of an icon. It also… »10/29/15 1:00pm10/29/15 1:00pm

Tidal X: A 'Concert'? Or a Meeting of Illuminati Minds?

When I first heard about Jay Z’s Tidal X concert, I initially had no intentions of going. There was no way I was putting on clothes and leaving my apartment when I could just stream the thing from my bed. And, having already cancelled my Tidal subscription months ago, I had no stake in this operation. I did not… »10/21/15 10:30am10/21/15 10:30am

Chairlift's Back and Conjuring Beyoncé, Lady Sovereign, ASMR 

“Ch-Ching,” the dare-you new track from Chairlift, has a secret weapon beneath its sneaky horn jabs and handclaps: its consonants. The way singer Caroline Polachek emphasizes each word on the hook, cadences so textured that what she’s even saying remains opaque, effects a kind of soothing crackle for the ASMR »10/15/15 4:30pm10/15/15 4:30pm

Paris Retailer Sued by Beyoncé and Others For Selling Bootleg Merch

A Parisian clothing brand that allegedly sold merchandise bearing the images and names of Beyoncé, Jay Z, Kanye West, Rihanna and Pharrell Williams is now being sued by the artists. ElevenParis, which launched in 2003, has been accused of selling clothing featuring phrases such as “Kanye is my Homie” and “Pharrell is… »10/07/15 10:35pm10/07/15 10:35pm

Here's What It Looks Like When Beyoncé Deep Sea Dives Into Your Self Esteem

In the vast catalogue of inspirational Beyoncé songs, “Runnin’ (Lose It All)” is the track most suited for an Olympic bid, or at least the third stage on a FIFA blow-out (IRL or XBOX). A track by British producer Naughty Boy, it features Bey and man-singer Arrow Benjamin oozing a state of uplifting self-acceptance… »9/21/15 2:13pm9/21/15 2:13pm