‘High Society’ Push to Legalize Weed Makes Weed Incredibly Uncool

The ongoing effort to legalize weed has a very real and unfortunate casualty: weed’s coolness. When weed is legal, guess what? Movies like Dazed and Confused won’t seem quite as awesome because, once weed becomes just another tool in the establishment’s arsenal of things that perpetuate the status quo, getting… » 10/26/13 5:30pm 10/26/13 5:30pm

Cupcake ATM Is the Future of Dessert

The visionary, groundbreaking cupcake ATM outside Sprinkles in Beverly Hills has streamlined the cupcake acquiring process. Now, customers don't have to deal with eyebrow-raising employees when they start eating their dozen red velvet cupcakes that were for a "birthday" on the way out the door — they can simply stride… » 3/02/12 2:45pm 3/02/12 2:45pm

Lisa VanderPump, Unlikely Voice Of Reason

To me, it had always been a tie between Adrienne Maloof and Lisa Vanderpump as to who were the most glitzy and extravagant of the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, but due to the amount of spectacular attention paid to her dog Giggy and discovering that Vanderpump had been glamorous since the 80s, Lisa wins. So… » 10/18/11 2:00pm 10/18/11 2:00pm

For $42M, Jennifer Aniston's Insanely Gorgeous Bachelorette Pad Could…

Famous single gal Jennifer Aniston used to be married to this guy who was into architecture. Then they got divorced. Years later, she set upon the task of building her own damn dream house. The Bali-inspired surroundings took 2½ years to perfect, and involve reflecting pools, wood harvested from fallen trees,… » 5/03/11 5:00pm 5/03/11 5:00pm

Prejean Wannabe Not Bible Scholar, Not From Beverly Hills

The city of Beverly Hills isn't too happy about being associated with gay-hating beauty queen Lauren Ashley, especially since she's from Pasadena. And Dan Savage says she might want to read what the Bible says about "adorning oneself." [LAT, CrooksAndLiars] » 2/25/10 10:20am 2/25/10 10:20am

Spend Eternity With Marilyn Monroe

Richard Poncher died 23 years ago, but his wife, Elsie, is moving his remains and auctioning his crypt above Marilyn's resting place. Elsie will use the cash to pay off her mortgage, but might get haunted by Richard… [LA Times] » 8/14/09 9:40am 8/14/09 9:40am

Wish You All Could Be California Girls?

Forbes is reporting that Beverly Hills High School wants to become a brand and sell BHH merch, like hats, bookbags and scarves. Sigh. If only they'd announced this a few decades ago. » 1/30/09 2:00pm 1/30/09 2:00pm