If We're Going to Empower Girls, We Owe Them a Reality Check

In the 50 years since The Feminine Mystique was written — the feminist clarion call courtesy of a New Jersey "housewife" who announced to the world that, sorry, but spending our lives sittin' at home thawing some dude's frozen steak was not going to cut it, mister — the gains of the feminist movement are so in the… » 2/13/13 6:35pm 2/13/13 6:35pm

Many Women Prefer Stay At Home Motherhood To Soulless Cubicle Dwelling

"To be sure," writes Sandra Tsing Loh in the summer issue of the Atlantic, "attacking feminist criticism as being the extended whine of a privileged, educated upper class is as old as … well, as bell hooks's 1984 critique of [Betty] Friedan's Feminine Mystique." Loh is discussing two recent books about women and the… » 6/16/08 1:30pm 6/16/08 1:30pm

WaPo Book Reviewer Criticizes Bella Abzug For Her "Terrible Lippy Mouth"

I was all set to write a post about feminist icon and former congresswoman Bella Abzug because a new biography of her just hit stores, but then I read Carolyn See's infuriating and weirdly name-droppy review of the book and realized I had to write about what a jerk See is instead. The first few paragraphs of See's… » 12/07/07 6:00pm 12/07/07 6:00pm