Would You Masturbate With a Group of Strangers?

"Am I a bad feminist because this makes me VERY UNCOMFORTABLE?" I asked my coworkers before sending them this story from NY Mag's The Cut about attending a women-only masturbation class with "Lilith Fair, hippie vibes." » 11/08/12 3:00pm 11/08/12 3:00pm

Sex Pioneer's Secret To Eternal Youth: Orgasms

"There is such a thing as pussy power," Betty Dodson was saying last night. "Don't give it away. Understand it's your power and use it accordingly." She turned to a friend. "I just laid out pussy power," she said gleefully. » 5/21/10 1:30pm 5/21/10 1:30pm

Dr. Betty Dodson Answers Sex Questions Orally

Dr. Betty Dodson, author/sex educator and masturbation expert, as taken her advice to YouTube » 11/03/08 4:20pm 11/03/08 4:20pm, in which she answers emailed questions with a friend about sex ranging from analingus to double-headed dildos. The format seems , but way more informed, scientifically, than two stoner pals could ever be about how much…

The More You Know

Even though we have them, I think most of us can agree that vaginas can be mysterious. The equipment is just so much more complicated than a penis. Or is it? In a video (click on the pic to see) Dr. Betty Dodson » 8/26/08 2:30pm 8/26/08 2:30pm draws the internal clitoris, and shows us that the clit that we see on the outside of our bodies is just…