Sarah Jessica Parker Calls Hocus Pocus 2 Gossip 'Not-Reality-Based'

Hocus Pocus didn’t exactly break the box office when it debuted in 1993, but has since became a Halloween cult classic. Fans weren’t the only ones begging for a sequel—the film’s main stars were interested in making one, too. After head witch Bette Midler jokingly tweeted about the sequel not happening due to the… »10/29/15 7:00pm10/29/15 7:00pm


Let Amy Poehler Inspire You With Her Cover of 'The Rose'

It’s no secret that Amy Poehler loves to sing, but the comedian really took her game up a notch over the weekend when she performed Bette Midler’s “The Rose” at Festival Supreme, giving the torch song her all in sunglasses, a coat straight from Janis Joplin’s closet, and a cigarette dangling from her fingers. »10/12/15 2:50pm10/12/15 2:50pm

Parents Willing to Pay Heaps of Money to Clone Angelina Jolie

Want a baby to look exactly like Angelina Jolie? The star isn't going to be giving you any of hers anytime soon, but TMZ reports that desperate parents (desperate for their kids to look like Jolie, so rich desperate parents) are willing to pay thousands upon thousands per egg in order to get a little Lara Croft in… »11/27/14 11:38am11/27/14 11:38am