Betsey Johnson Debuts the High Energy Champagne Workout

In January, Betsey Johnson announced that she would not be showing during Fashion Week this season and that her 2012 show had been her last. (Last year, she filed for bankruptcy and her NYC stores liquidated inventory.) But yesterday, Betsey Johnson staged a fashion show with a "secret theme." As MTV reports, those in… » 2/12/13 11:10am 2/12/13 11:10am

The 16 Most Hideous Looks From Fashion Week

There's an inherent weirdness that goes with the kind of creativity and artistic talent needed to work in the fashion industry. When properly harnessed, it can be the difference between boring and brilliant. When left unchecked, it can be the difference between a miss and a mess. » 9/12/12 7:00pm 9/12/12 7:00pm

Betsey Johnson Is Bankrupt

Betsey Johnson has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Johnson's company was given a temporary reprieve from bankruptcy in 2010 by Steve Madden, the shoe maker and convicted felon, after it defaulted on a nearly $50 million loan. Madden's company paid the debt, taking as collateral all of Betsey Johnson's… » 4/27/12 12:45pm 4/27/12 12:45pm

Betsey Johnson: Now With 100% More Nicki Minaj

Last night at Betsey Johnson, I was stalking the runway, trying to recognize if there were any celebrities around. A tiny blonde woman appeared and disappeared suddenly beside me; it was Kristin Chenoweth. (I think.) Then, just as I saw Johnny Weir, an entourage emerged from backstage. In its center was a pouf of hair. … » 9/13/11 6:50pm 9/13/11 6:50pm

And This Is How You Totally Dominate The Cover Of Vogue Paris

Cindy Crawford Nabs Iconic Cover, Looks Fantastic

Fashion Week Diversity By The Numbers

In September of 2007, it was reported that of all the 101 shows that took place during New York fashion week, one third employed zero models of color. Since then, we've tried to track diversity on the runway every season. » 9/24/10 2:47pm 9/24/10 2:47pm

A Runway Model Takes Us On Her Cattle Calls

Meet Selina Khan. She grew up in Martinique, where she just graduated from high school, and she's been modeling since her early teens. We asked her to take us to all her castings and show us what modeling's really like. » 9/15/10 5:00pm 9/15/10 5:00pm