Daniel Shak Decides He Doesn’t Want His Ex-Wife’s $1M Shoe Collection After All

After taking legal action to try and wrangle away at least part of his ex-wife's estimated $1 million designer shoe collection, hedge-fund manager Daniel Shak abruptly withdrew his lawsuit on Wednesday. Beth Shak, a pro poker player and not-so-secret admirer of Louboutins, testified that her husband had known and… »7/18/12 10:25pm7/18/12 10:25pm


Professional Poker Player’s 1,200-Pair Shoe Collection Menaced by Ex-Husband

Beth Shak, who is famous both for playing poker and having more shoes than there are years in a millenium, may have to part with as much as 35 percent of her designer shoe collection. Her ex-husband, Daniel Shak, claims that he didn't know about the shoes until two years after the couple split, and has decided that he… »6/24/12 5:00pm6/24/12 5:00pm