Beth Ditto Arrested for Being Drunk and Disorderly: ‘Google Me, Bitches’

In what sounds rather like a Portlandia cameo gone wrong (or right!), Gossip frontwoman Beth Ditto was arrested on a drunk and disorderly charge in a Portland bar on Saturday night. Spoiler alert: It sounds like she was drunk and disorderly. She was cut off during the St. Patrick's Day festivities when the bartender… »3/19/13 9:00am3/19/13 9:00am

Beth Ditto Wants To Be 'The Ikea Of Clothes For Fat Girls'

Beth Ditto says she would like to make "the IKEA of clothes for fat girls and boys. Cheap, affordable, basic — but ethically made." She says she didn't have that experience when she designed a plus-size line for the U.K. retailer Evans in 2009. "I wish there was more control in that line, but there wasn't. It was… »5/25/12 2:20pm5/25/12 2:20pm

Nicole Richie Finds Her Mixed-Race Hair to Be a Pain in the Ass

It's just as well that she has a lot of time on her hands, because Nicole Richie says that having biracial hair is a real bitch when it comes to styling. "I'm mixed, and it's work to do my hair, so I learned how to do it well myself," she said. "I have naturally curly hair, so natural beach waves are not so natural… »5/09/12 9:00am5/09/12 9:00am