Watch Brandy, MC Lyte, Yo-Yo and Queen Latifah Bring the House Down

Brandy is a goddess. MC Lyte is a goddess. Yo-Yo is a goddess. Queen Latifah is a Cover Girl spokeswoman goddess. Performing against a white backdrop and looking the very definition of flawless, this Fantastic Four basically recreated the video for Brandy's remix to her 1994 hit, "I Wanna Be Down" at the 2014 BET… »10/15/14 10:30am10/15/14 10:30am


Sasheer Zamata Debuts on SNL with a Rihanna/Blossom Impression

Last night's return episode of SNL featured the newest cast member, totally normal regular everyday SNL hire Sasheer Zamata, formerly of the Upright Citizens Brigade. As with all brand new cast members who might not be prepared not to say "fuck" on live television, Zamata played a limited role on the show, her most… »1/19/14 12:30pm1/19/14 12:30pm

Chris Brown Is Sorry If You Were Offended When He Went Apeshit

Last night, Chris Brown appeared on BET's 106 & Park to promote his new album but also took a moment to address Tuesday's events when he turned into the Hulk after an interview on GMA and raged out in the dressing room, threw a chair at the window, and stormed out of the building, topless. Brown apologized to… »3/24/11 12:47pm3/24/11 12:47pm

New Documentary Examines The Absence Of Black Models On The Fashion Runways

BET aired a documentary last week called Fashion Blackout, which explored the barriers that black models have broken, the roles they've played in the fashion industry, and why the hell more of them haven't been on the fashion runways as of late. As to that last issue, well, the models interviewed, for the most part,… »6/02/08 5:00pm6/02/08 5:00pm

What's That Condi's Drinking? It Doesn't Look Like Kool-Aid!

Hey, it's Condoleezza Rice sipping strawberry juice in the Emirates! Looks like she could use a little of what Hil adviser Sidney Blumenthal has been having!!! And yeah that means DISTILLED SPIRITS. OMG We are so hungover. (How's that for a predictable attempt at self-parody after last week's kinda Michael Richards-y… »1/14/08 10:00am1/14/08 10:00am